A Little About Miami Home Tutors

About Us

Miami Home Tutors is a local home tutoring service established by caring educators. We collectively have over 30 years of educational experience working in both the New York City Department of Education and the Miami Dade Public School System. Our experience includes working with an array of children, (ie. Learning disabled, intellectually gifted, limited English proficiency and other special needs).

We as educators and as parents understand the overwhelming and frustrating situations families face when there is a gap between what is being taught at school and with what the student is understanding. Some students become reluctant to go to school, become withdrawn from class participation, develop test anxiety, feel embarrassed and many times just give up.

We are here to help ease that pressure by providing personalized one-to-one instruction in an environment highly conducive to learning. We offer tutoring in the comfort and security of your home, away from classroom or center distractions. We believe that every child in our community can succeed; with our individualized support we can maximize the student's potential.



THANK YOU, my son got an A !! - 11th grade AP Chemistry

Mrs. M. Iaub

We love Michelle. - all subjects 2nd grade

Dr. M. Hershman

Kristine was just great!!! - 8th grade science

Dra. M. Bravo

The services overall were very professional. - 10th grade geometry

Mrs. C. Portuondo

Very professional service, felt comfortable allowing the tutor to work with Natalie in my home. Very flexible, and adjusted well to any changes. - 11th grade reading and math SAT prep

Mrs. M. Boucourt

My daughter and I are very happy with the math teacher. He is excellent! My daughter is doing good in (math) since she has been helped. - 9th grade Algrebra I

Mrs. C. Seaman

La tutora es una magnifica repasadora, sabe transmitir su conocimientos por lo que mi dos nietos aprenden muy bien con ella. La respetan y la quieren mucho, en conclusion ella es una professional que sabe lo que hace. - 3rd grade FCAT

Mrs. M. Ramirez

Estoy muy contenta con la atencion que Sofia recibio. Estamos conforme y sin duda volveria a llamarlos si asi consideria necesario. - 5th grade math

Mrs. P. Vitale

I have been out of school for many years. Thanks to the Miami Home Tutors and their wonderful team I was able to pass my college entry exams.

Mr. A. Richards